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When you call a contractor do you know what you are getting? S&D Services are one of the South-west’s leading privately owned drainage care and repair specialist’s with 20 years experience working 24/7 We will give you Generic Risk Assessments and Method Statements for all your everyday works and Task Specific Assessments and Statements for more complicated operations (Thames Water Trained).

NB. This is a legal requirement for all commercial and public works.

Formed in 1986 as a one man band, S&D Services has grown into one of the South West region's major service providers for amongst others, local and regional councils, health and education authorities, PCT's, water companies, housing associations and other "Blue Chip" companies and organizations both local and national as well as still serving the domestic market where we started.

From simply clearing a blocked drain and identifying the cause of the problem to undertaking large area surveys and identifying any faults through to completing specific repairs, renewals or renovations we have the answer for all your drainage problems.

We build our service around the specific needs and requirements of each individual customer. Some require only the most simple clearance is undertaken, others only need to know the cause while others, if there is a fault found, want the problem rectified permanently thereby reducing their long term liabilities and costs. To this end we have developed a whole range of services that enable us to give our clients just what they want and not what we think they should have.

From simple blockage clearance 24/7 to CCTV surveying to excavation and replacement including Highway works to specialised "No-Dig" systems of renovation, replacement and repair we provide it all and give our customers a "ONE STOP SHOP"
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